Free E-Waste & Shred Day

Fri, November 3, 2017 | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Eagle Eye Outfitter Parking Lot


Event sponsored by:

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Do you have old computers, hard drives, jump drives, batteries of all sizes, bank documents or other sensitive materials that need to be destroyed? 

RealTime is hosting a free Community-wide Electronic Waste & Shred Day in conjunction with WRC Assured Data Destruction, Interstate Battery of Dothan and Eagle Eye Outfitters. Part of Cyber Security is disposing of sensitive materials responsibly and securely. RealTime is providing an opportunity for individuals and businesses to bring items and have them securely disposed. 

[Paper shredding provided by WRC, Battery and electronics recycling provided by Interstate Battery of Dothan, Magnetic media destruction - computer hard drives, magnetic media, flash drives and memory cards.]


Paper, computers, laptops, printers, old computer hard drives, backup tapes, car batteries, alkaline and rechargeable batteries, old game consoles, old LED/LCD tv’s and computer monitors, vcr’s, dvd players. Anything generally conforming to this sample listing will be accepted.
**Old style tv’s and computer monitors (tube type, really heavy) will not be accepted for recycling**


Businesses wanting a Certificate of Destruction must fill out and bring three (3) copies of the DATA DESTRUCTION INTAKE FORM below to the event. If you have more than what will fit on this form, another copy of the document may be used.