Elaine Johnson Taylor

Elaine Johnson Taylor, RealTime Partner and CEO, is a certified public accountant with over 25+ years of experience in accounting and an additional ten years concentrating on the technology industry, in particular.

“I have been both a client and a provider of IT support.  As a client, I vividly remember the sense of relief when a problem was identified and promptly resolved.  As CEO of RealTime, I take immense pride in the smart, responsive service we give to our customers.”

Working in the computer industry encourages Elaine to think in ways she could not have envisioned ten years ago.  She goes on to say, “I have the greatest partners ever and I believe we have put together a tremendous team here at RealTime.”

Elaine and her husband travel frequently for both business and pleasure, and to visit their adult children who each live in a different city.  “I don’t mind the miles,” she says, “as long as I have a good audiobook on my iPhone.”