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With the rise of ransomware, cyber crime and just basic disasterous situations, having a reliable backup is essential to maintaining and protecting your company data. As if you needed more than one simple reason (losing ALL of your data if it's not backed up), we have listed five really good reasons why you should use a Cloud Backup. 

1.     Cloud Standup

In the event of total failure, our solution offers the ability to activate aka "standup" your servers in the Cloud giving you time to address hardware/software failures.

2.     Multisite Replication

Multisite refers to the three or more data storage locations to which the Cloud Backups replicate. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe three-times-over and recoverable no matter the cause. 

3.     Ease of Scalability

Being able to scale your business when the time comes easily is important. Here, you can grow your backup without worrying about server sprawl; utilization rates or unnecessary lead time to add new equipment.

4.     Speedy Recovery

Things happen unexpectedly so being able to restore backup drives from any location provides fast recovery when you need it the most.

5.     Offsite Access

Offside access couples with speedy recovery, so being able to access your data from any location makes Cloud Backup hassle-free.

For many companies, it’s not about whether to move to cloud backup, but how quickly. Contact RealTime today to start your Cloud Backup and Data Protection. Call 334-678-1417 or email info@realtime-it.com.